Last Week Before Demo Release

A rather large update as we gear for a public release of the first demo by next week. 

In general, a lot of the UI was fixed and made to look far better. Functionalities of the base game system were completed.  Levelling up has been redone, in a far more elegant way. The rest of the early level content was added, to allow for proper player power scaling. Dungeon generation was refined. And to my surprise, music and mouse support were far easier to implement than I had expected. They were the biggest hurdle to a potential Steam release in the far future, and I am pleased that the music system is essentially complete (sans more music tracks, to be added in future content updates) and a lot of the mouse support for menus and basic screens work great.

To be specific:


  • Redid the entire stats screen to a playable state. It looks far better than it did previously and displays all relevant information, along with the names of all the icons so players can understand the main screen UI.
  • A proper start screen has been created. Currently, the only options are to start a new game or quit, however it should be relatively simple to load previous games from here once saving and loading are implemented.
  • Casting Spells and Activating Abilities now display a description of the currently selected spell or ability in the bottom half of the screen, so you know what the spell does when you cast it.
  • Creatures can now shout and display things above their heads. Currently whenever a creature is given an effect it displays it above their head in text (such as *Burning*  in red) however this gives future potential of having creatures be able to communicate and interact with the player beyond their current "Kill on Sight" strategy.
  • Wandering enemies now display a small "?" in the corner of their icon if they have not yet noticed the player.

Spells and Effects:

  • Meditating to change where your spell points are allocated now takes time proportional to how many changes are made. This means that you cannot meditate in the middle of combat, and wandering creatures can interrupt you. Now you have to be prepared in your spell lists before entering combat, rather than changing available spells on the fly.
  • Optimized how certain status effects are handled (such as Stunned or Confused) as the previous way was really poorly thought out and implemented.
  • The player cannot Quaff potions or Cast spells while raging.
  • The power level of summoned creatures (currently only the level 2 cold spell, Summon Simulacrum) scales based on the players spellcasting skill along with allocated spell points to the type of the summoned creature.


  • Implementation of prerequisites work well. Most of the current perks were changed to fit the system of prerequisites, and many more were added. Hopefully these serve to help diversify playstyles, and I have personally have had a hard time choosing between perks when playtesting the game myself.

Leveling Up:

  • Now when the player levels up, they are awarded a stat (or attribute) point. These points can be spent in a handy Level Up screen from the Stats screen that also displays what each stat does. This system is far better than the previous (extremely clunky) way of forcing a choice the moment that the player levels up. It also looks far better.

Items and Inventory:

  • Items were given weights, and the amount of items you can hold in your inventory are restricted by your carrying capacity (17 + Brawn)
  • The Mace weapon type was added. They have above average attack and damage, but do not have other abilities.  The fighter now starts with a basic mace to go along with their strength-centric build.
  • Shields were added. They increase your armor at the cost of your attack rolls. A perk can be taken to negate the attack roll debuff. Additionally, two handed weapons (currently only the bow) cannot be equipped while wielding a shield, and vice versa. This should allow for more interesting off hand items in the future, such as dual wielding daggers or carrying various holy symbols.
  • The remainder of the low lever items were implemented. Currently a bunch of basic equipment that adds 1 Armor to help the player scale with the power level of the creatures in the dungeon. Eventually, these will be made more interesting once enchanted items are implemented but for now they are essentially identical to one another besides what equipment slot they take up.

Dungeon Generation:

  • Added a chasm to the list of available tile types, to go along with Walls and Floors. Chasms block movement of non-flying creatures but do not block vision. They also eat items that are thrown/dropped/fired into them.
  • Did a lot of work with prefabs. Long story short, the dungeon can generate far more interesting prefabs that do not cause weird bugs. Future updates will expand on this and make prefabs (and the dungeon in general) a lot cooler and more fun to explore.


  • Music was far easier to implement than expected. There are currently five tracks that play at different times and fade into each other depending on circumstance. These help to serve as audio cues, such as the music becoming more intense when there are enemies in sight.
  • The music system in place is highly modular and I hope to expand on it a lot more as more content is added. I think there is potential for each themed area (5 floors) of the dungeon to have its own set of short background music, along with bosses and some dungeon prefabs having specific music of their own.

Mouse Support:

  • Mouse support was harder to implement than music, especially with how the structure of the game was set up, however I am well on my way towards implementing enough mouse support that the game is totally playable without a keyboard. This should help players who are new to roguelikes and have not memorized all of the keyboard commands for every action. Currently, every character key on the keyboard is mapped to a command except for Z, V, O, and P. That is 24 distinct commands, which is pretty overwhelming.  Mouse support will definitely help with this, with keyboard commands being used as shortcuts.
  • There is currently mouse support for starting a new game and selecting a character, opening many different menus from the main play screen while navigating through them, and being able to right click creatures and items to inspect them. The next plan before release is to implement pathfinding for the player, so clicking a space will move towards it or attack other creatures.

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